Month: July 2019

internet of things
2 minute read

Russia Joined the IoT Protocol Race

Absence of unified data transfer protocol remains one of the key issues of the IoT technology. IoT development companies strive for using various protocols which results in less popularity of IoT solutions. Russia has joined the race too. The developers […]

ai jobs
1 minute read

AI and the Future of Jobs Market

It’s safe to say that AI is changing the jobs market. One of the largest US retailers Walmart is already implementing machines that stock its shelves and clean its spaces. Obviously, AI is going to impact not only on low-skill […]

Instagram likes
2 minute read

Why Instagram Hides ‘Likes’

Instagram is hiding publicly viewable ‘likes’ from individual posts to ‘remove pressure’ on users. The experiment is being carried out in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand. Its aim is to mitigate concerns about social networks and […]

2 minute read

Google Assistant Is Spying on You

All your chitchats with Google Assistant are recorded after a “wake word” is said, this is not a secret. However, the fact that Google hires contractors for manual review of those recordings wasn’t widely known until the VRT NWS report […]