energy tesla

Tesla presented its utility-scale energy storage Megapack. With its help, enterprises can build modular power systems to store excess solar or wind energy during the grid’s peak loads. Unlike other current large-scale battery storages, Megapack provides easier installation and requires 40% less space.

Each Megapack has the power of 3 megawatt hours (MWhs) and 1.5 MW of inverter capacity. The storage is a ready-to-use solution which comes with its own AC system and installed software. According to the company’s experts, with Megapack 1 GWh power plant can be deployed in less than 3 months. Such a plant can supply with the energy every house in San Francisco for 6 hours.

Megapack increases energy density by 60% which results in tangible time and cost savings. The main goal of the project is to innovate the process of getting and storing green energy by optimizing expenses, ergonomics, and required installation time.

Megapack is not the only energy solution by Tesla. The home battery Powerwall and utility and business energy storage Powerpack are also among new inventions. Various companies and ordinary people have already been using these systems. These plants have proved their reasonability and efficiency.

Tesla company is famous for its self-driving cars and has recently caused lots of talks about their safety and what kind of threat they can pose to other drivers and pedestrians on the roads.