harmony os huawei

There are lots of rumors about the work of Huawei. The company lost the support of the Android operating system and at the moment is to produce her own one. Huawei has announced Harmony OS, that will be a good competitor to Android.

According to the official website information, the main thing about Harmony OS is its focus on the microkernel. Among key benefits of microkernel-based operating systems is an easy extending of the operating system. All new services are smoothly added to userspace and do not require modification of the kernel. Moreover, most services are running as user processes, rather than kernel ones. This results in higher security and reliability.

Harmony OS features

Huawei operating system will be available for smartphones, televisions, smart watches, tablets, laptops, and cars. Probably, they will also support the connection with smart fridges and toilets (the talk is about Numi 2.0, produced by Xiaomi).

Harmony OS will work as an “open-source” solution, which means it will be available for all the human-beings. The company will gradually implement the new operating system, starting with Huawei’s and Honor’s televisions this year. The following step is smartphones, fitness bracelets and smart watches in the year 2020. The plan for 2021 is to produce the analog of Android Auto and CarPlay and provide access to the operating system for smart speakers. These are all the plans that the company’s representatives announced during the official presentation.

An interesting topic to point out is that Huawei’s not aiming to replace Android with Harmony OS on smartphones. Yu Chengdong, Executive Director, CEO of the Consumer Business Group, said:

We can easily disconnect any smartphone device from Android and help it join Harmony OS, but it’s not our aim to replace it.

His speech has caused many negotiations and doubts. Obviously, the company is not sure of their daughter’s product and the programs created for Harmony OS.

It may seem obvious for the company to be worried about the implementation of Harmony OS to smartphones. Huawei operating system is a new solution and hasn’t proved its reputation on the market yet. A majority of the most popular programs have its roots in the USA, with whom China can’t really get along well recently. Huawei could be really scared of making wrong and rapid decisions so that it doesn’t get limits from the developers of the most trendy apps.