Huawei has been taking top positions in the news for the last several months. Recent trade war between the US and China has influenced many tech companies including such a giant as Huawei. The US have banned products of several Chinese tech companies (including Huawei) having accused them of espionage. Then both countries introduced several trade sanctions which caused increased tension between the two countries. As a result, American and Chinese tech companies don’t have a right to cooperate. This means that Chinese companies can’t use Android OS and Google services which are powered by Google.

Despite this, Huawei announced the creation of its own operating system Harmony OS. But it seems that the operating system doesn’t have enough technical features to replace Android. That’s why the tech giant came up with another way of how to solve this problem.

On September 19 Huawei is going to present its new smartphone Huawei Mate 30. The phone will be managed by the AOSP version of Android. It’s an open-source free version of the operating system. It is mostly used by Chinese companies that produce devices for the Chinese market. Since Google services are banned on the territory of China, Huawei simply doesn’t have a right to buy its license.

Google services for Huawei

Huawei users from Russia, Europe, India, and other countries will have an ability to download Google services on already bought devices with the help of a special utility. It will allow downloading Google Play and installing all the needed services.

At the same time, Google services don’t include only Google Plae, YouTube, or Google Maps. They also deal with important mechanisms that provide a smooth work of a device. For example, Google delivers on-time delivering of push notifications. Besides it deals with Doze mode which lets save your battery life by decreasing power draw when you doesn’t use your smartphone. As a result, Huawei needs to create its own services or else its users will have to suffer from this inconvenience.

Is it dangerous for Huawei economy?

Huawei users don’t need to worry about the functionality of their devices. It’s safe to say that the developers will find a way to solve these issues. One of them is to embed a tool for downloading Google services, setting up the system of sending notifications and live updating.

Besides, even if Huawei continues to install Android on their devices without licenses, the company can just hide identifiers of the devices that break the law.