vision ai developer kit microsoft

Microsoft and Qualcomm announced the release of Vision AI Developer Kit for creating Computer Vision-based solutions. The technology is open-source and available for other developers to use for their own projects.

The toolkit is a set of hardware, software, and AI-models. It includes a camera using Qualcomm’s Vision Intelligence 300 Platform. The solution develops smart edge applications using the Azure IoT Edge and Azure Machine Learning services. As a result, the set supports instant data processing locally on edge devices. Besides, it deals with model training and management in Azure. You can purchase the Vision AI Developer Kit, produced by eInfochips, a Microsoft partner, on the Arrow Electronics website for $249.

According to the company, with the help of the tool, users will be able to easily deploy computer vision models, regardless of their machine learning skills. There are three ways to work with the Vision AI Developer Kit:

  • for non-professionals – without the need to write code using the Custom Vision service;
  • for professional data scientists – through the Azure Machine Learning service;
  • developers can use a fully integrated Visual Studio Code development environment.

Therefore, no matter how skilled you are, almost everyone will be able to use the tool. The solution developers state that Vision AI Developer Kit can “facilitate important business scenarios, such as verifying if every person on a construction site is wearing a hardhat, or detecting whether items are out-of-stock on a store shelf.”