boston dynamics atlas

World leader in mobile robots Boston Dynamics has released a new video where their famous robot Atlas does impressive parkour moves. In this video, Atlas performs a series of gymnastic tricks. Most people will not be able to repeat this.

According to Boston Dynamics, they created the maneuvers using an optimization algorithm. It transforms high-level descriptions of each gymnastic maneuver into dynamically-feasible reference motions. The robot analyzes and tracks the motions with the help of a model predictive controller. Thanks to model predictive controllers, scientists were able to teach Atlas these tricks 80% faster compared to the previous routines.

In addition, scientists highlight that Atlas doesn’t perform tricks separately. That is a series of consecutive tricks. The robot analyzes the current trick in dynamics based on the gathered data. As a result, the robot predicts the moves required for the next trick.

As with any creature, Atlas makes mistakes as well. For every 5 attempts, the robot has about one failure.

Obviously, the popularity of Atlas is deserved. Not so long ago Boston Dynamics presented another video where the robot performs incredible maneuvers and even overcomes obstacles on its way.

Atlas is “the world’s most dynamic humanoid robot”. It is a research platform aiming to create a dynamic robot copy of a human. The robot’s advanced control system and state-of-the-art hardware ensure improved stability and balance to perform fantastic tricks.