Launching new Pixel 4 smartphones on the market can turn into a huge failure for Google. The poor presentation of the new product, the lack of innovation will now be followed by serious security concerns in Google’s smartphones.

As it is known, a face recognition system, similar to Face ID, will be used in the fourth model of the popular Pixel. Apart from this system, there isn’t any other reliable identification system in Google’s smartphones.

However, it turned out that the security system of the Pixel 4 has a huge hole that could bury the sales of new devices. For some reason, the system recognizes the device owner even with their eyes closed.

Cybersecurity experts called this a serious omission. For example in Apple devices, the face unlock takes into account not only the eyes, but also the device owner gaze.

Unlocking with closed eyes opens up many options for attackers who can make purchases from smartphones of sleeping or dead owners.

However, Google does not see any serious problem in this fact and offers to keep smartphones in a safe place.