Huawei is now considering a number of action plans that will force Google to go against sanctions and provide full support for smartphones and tablets of the Chinese corporation.

As known, due to espionage allegations in favor of the Chinese government, the United States imposed sanctions on Huawei. US companies are not allowed to cooperate with the Chinese hardware manufacturer and provide it with software. It caused a crisis at Huawei that was on verge of life and death and had to start searching for a manufacturer of alternative operating systems for its devices.

Artoftech has found out that Huawei still can’t find a decent alternative to Android. Even Russia’s Aurora operating system turned out to be unsuitable for the mass market. The insiders said that Huawei fears that the Russian OS contains settings that will allow Russia to get data from Huawei devices.

The operating system developed by Huawei launched poorly even on a test platform — TVs designed to test the OS in the mass market. It has caused a lot of complaints from consumers and requires additional development. As a result, there is no way for the Chinese brand to leave Google. Therefore, the plan B is to find legal opportunities to convince Google to collaborate. According to the insiders, Huawei has a few months to search for options. After Google refused to provide buyers of Huawei’s flagship smartphones access to Google Play and Maps, device sales began to fall.