Apple is once again in the center of users’ hatred. This time experts from Cupertino have over-optimized the iOS 13 mobile operating system. To save battery on smartphones, the developers set a strict policy to close programs and tabs that are not used.

It caused a storm of indignation among users who lost open tabs or video watched before a call or message to which they had to distract.

It was expected that the error would be fixed with the launch of Apple’s new iOS 13.2 with Deep Fusion. However, the release just added new various bug fixes and security improvements, but didn’t solve the problem of running background apps.

Owners of Apple devices have already called iOS 13 the most aggressive system. They believe that the corporation couldn’t cope with the optimization of RAM usage in the new system.

Therefore, the system prefers to erase the most resource-intensive apps such as Safari, YouTube, Overcast, and others from memory as soon as they go to the background mode. For this reason, tabs in the browser are lost, and it is necessary to search for video again that have been played before the app was closed. The issue is being actively discussed in the forums. Developers say that it is a case of uncontrolled multitasking. Apple has not commented on the situation yet.