US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross commented to Bloomberg that he was ready to withdraw the trade blockade from a number of Chinese companies. He admitted that there was a blacklist of companies in China that American firms could not be trading with.

However, the desire of businesses in the United States to make transactions in the Chinese market is extremely high. The Ministry of Commerce received 260 applications for trade deals with the blacklisted firms. Companies from the United States are ready to trade with Huawei as well. This is despite of the fact that the US government actually accused the Chinese partner of technological espionage.

Huawei is currently experiencing far from the best times. The company has lost support and licensed American-made products. For example, Google, a long-standing and key partner, terminated a contractual relationship with Huawei. The problem is that along with Google, the Android operating system, or rather, its key part – Google services, left Huawei. Now, Huawei’s flagship smartphones cannot successfully compete even with products from other Chinese companies.

Huawei has repeatedly tried to put America in its good graces. However, the deadline for trade block was constantly postponed, leaving Huawei unaware of its financial well-being. It is possible that this time Huawei will not be able to receive forgiveness again. The US Secretary of Commerce said he was planning to meet some trade requests with China, but not all. It can be assumed that the position of the US government in relation to Huawei will continue to be deterrent.