Artezio Develops a Tool to Improve Self-Discipline in Remote Employees

Artezio has created a software program that allows managers to lead their remote teams effectively. Thanks to the program, managers can check if an employee is in front of their computer, if they’re focused on their tasks, or if any encouragement is needed throughout the work day.

A new development by Artezio addresses several tasks at once – it increases efficiency of remote work, helps employees stay focused on their work tasks, and also prevents work hours from being wasted on personal issues. The development is based on a study reporting that only 20% of specialists can effectively focus while working remotely. The remaining 80% either spread out tasks over the whole day or their productivity declines when working from home.

The software tool ART-Ping allows managers to ensure employees are at their work place and also checks the level of their engagement and focus while working.

The tool works by sending a request to each employee working remotely via a browser on a PC or MAC.

It could be a monitoring request – containing no message, or a motivational one – in a form of a motivational image, text, or animation. An employee is given some time to respond to a request. After that, the program evaluates the employee’s reaction speed—to what extent they are focused on their work. If a reply is not received within a certain amount of time, then the app monitors the next attempts to get a response. If a response takes too much time, an unexcused absence note is made in the general statistics. In the future, the development team is planning to automate time sheet reporting based on app data.

It is noteworthy that the solution takes in account someone’s schedule. For example, it is informed if an employee is on vacation, compensatory or sick leave. The tool is integrated in two of  Artezio’s free platforms for time and vacation tracking – Art Time and Art Vacation. Using these systems, it is possible to prevent the use of the software on those employees who have good reasons to be absent from work. A member of the executive team and department manager have the ability to exclude certain employees from a mailing list.

“We aimed at building a tool that will help company management as well as employees in this new environment of virtual work. The monitoring and motivation system encourages discipline, reduces risk of wasting work hours. A lot will depend on the way a company uses the system. Some managers will just remind employees about work or send them motivational pictures, while others will monitor workers’ speed of reaction to notifications,” says Oleg Pisarev, Artezio Project Manager.      

The development team is now testing the final version of the tool and is planning to extend its functionality. The app will soon be free for all users.