The US company Artezio is doing what they can, however small, to help Americans in fighting the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. The software company decided to significantly reduce the price of its in-house app Cost Track in the US.

Cost Track is a powerful software tool for monitoring income and expenses and effective budgeting. It allows for expense tracking and keeping statistics of cash distribution grouped by different categories. The app supports various currencies including bitcoins and precious metals. The daily use of Cost Track allows users to save money due to the careful attitude towards expenses and finance planning in the long term. 

Cost Track functionality and user-friendliness was highlighted by jury members of international contests many times, and the number of the app downloads exceeded 750,000.

“The coronavirus pandemic will not only impact the global economies of all countries, but also income of people who lose their jobs or a large part of their earnings. Therefore, software products for budget management can be valuable and in much demand today. We’ve already noticed the growing interest of Cost Track on the part of the US citizens. To help people cope with current and future difficulties, we decided to forgo profit from selling the app and offer Cost Track for the minimum price that the iOS and Android platforms allow,” says Igor Esipovich, Director of Artezio Mobile Development Department.

Starting April 30th, the monthly subscription for Cost Track on the Apple Store in the USA will be $0.49. On Google Play, the app will be available for $1 as a one-time purchase. At the moment, the cost of a one-time payment for Cost Track is 10 times higher.

The promotion will be limited in time and available only to the US. According to the development team, the duration of this special offer will depend on how the coronavirus situation evolves. It is possible that the practice of cost reduction for solutions that can help people during the crisis will be used in other regions of the world as well.